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A lemon tree inspires the whole family, old and young. Hardly any other plant offers so much vitality and health as the lemon (Bot: Citrus limon). It is the most productive of all citrus plants, blooming from spring to autumn and often in the winter if placed in suitable surroundings. The lemon flowers are of purple color in the beginning and turn into bright white later on. The flowers will soon change into small lemon fruit, ripen for a while and can be harvested later on.


Buy a Lemon Tree - the varieties

Lemon trees are so popular and grown for centuries because of the high importance of their fruits in our diet and the supply of vitamins. At "My Orangerie" we offer you the most popular variety, Citrus lemon "Four Seasons", which blooms throughout the year. On top of that there are many other lemon varieties like the exotic Citrons with their famous representative “Hand of Buddha” to be found in our shop.

 A fantastic rarity are the red lemons or "mulled wine lemons". They are also a type of Citrons. The fruits impress not only with their beautiful yellow-red shaded color but also with their heady scent. They are not edible however. If you miss more varieties: Please contact us, we will help you to obtain your desired lemon.


Buy a Lemon Tree – The care

A lemon tree is very easy to care for. He needs a sunny, sheltered spot, regular watering and fertilizing, ideally with Plantas Zitruszauber which is specially adapted to the needs of lemon trees. We recommend using the moisture meter of My Orangerie, so you’ll know exactly how wet the soil is underneath. That way, you won’t water the lemon tree too much, which happens a lot. Waterlogging is very dangerous and should be avoided by always using pots with a drain hole, which you put onto pot feet.


Buy a Lemon Tree – The wintering

Like all citrus plants, lemon trees must be protected from frost. It is important that the plants have a balanced relationship between temperature and light. Ideal are cool, rather dark winter quarters such as an unheated staircase. Since the plants cease their vegetation below 12.5°C, they manage to stay healthy with less light available. A warm wintering in a living room, on the other hand, often leads to leaf loss, as the plant gets too little light there. In this case, you need to increase the light availability, possibly by an additional plant light. Of course, you can also use our wintering service and we’ll take care of your plant for the cold season.


Buy a Lemon Tree – Pruning and repotting

Lemon trees can grow very rich, so that a regular but very moderate form of pruning is necessary in order to keep them in shape. Also dead branches should be removed regularly as they strain the plant. A drastic pruning, as done with our local fruit trees, is definitely not advised.

At the end of the winter, you should repot the lemon tree, if the old pot has grown too small. You can easily judge whether this is the case: If the roots already grow out of the drain hole, it’s time for a bigger pot. Your new pot should be bigger by about 4 cm in diameter than the old one. The soil can be mixed, using structuring elements such as gravel and lavastone and adding good garden soil and peat or a little silica sand. Or just order our highly recommended Citrus soil by Oscar Tintori, which we import from Tuscany, Italy. Before you place the root ball in the new pot, you should remove dead roots. After that, fill in the empty space between the pot and the soil ball using your fingers and work the potting mix down among the roots. Press firmly but don’t compress the soil extensively. After that water the plant well.